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Maxine Lindauer  

PSYCH-K® Facilitation Services 

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What is PSYCH-K® ?

A unique and self-empowering process of transformation, evolving from years of brain research. We engage in a simple process to unlock and enhance aspects of our lives which are stuck, stressful or lacking fulfillment of our goals and desires. 

PSYCH-K® and the Biology of Belief

     Our life outcomes are directly influenced by our beliefs, whether they are self enhancing or self limiting.  The best way to learn more about this science is to watch Bruce Lipton's One hour video about The Biology of Belief.  

     Often when we have self-limiting beliefs, we repeat patterns of behaviors and undesired reactions even when we make very sincere efforts to change them. 

      We pick up most of these beliefs before the age of 7, from our family, teachers and other image makers who are most present in our formative years.  As adults many of these beliefs are outside of our conscious awareness (i.e., "subconscious").  Subconscious beliefs have far reaching consequences, both positive and negative, in every aspect of life. They affect moods, relationships, job performance, self-esteem and even physical health.

     When you know how to change limitations into beliefs that support your goals and aspirations than you Design Your Future!  

Free Your Mind 

from the Limitations of the Past!

"The 'secret to life' is BELIEF.  Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives.  PSYCH-K®is a set of simple, self-empowering techniques to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level."

--Bruce Lipton, Ph.D Cellular Biology, author of Biology of Belief

How does PSYCH-K® Work?

Align your thinking and your actions...

     PSYCH-K® provides a variety of safe and effective ways to "rewrite the software of the mind" by changing beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you... simply and easily.

     Originating in 1988, PSYCH-K® directly facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious portions of the mind. It also includes processes to increase the "cross-talk" between the two brain hemispheres resulting in a "whole-brain" state, dramatically reducing the resistance to changing outdated subconscious programs.

     In Rob Williams' one hour The Psychology of Change video he demonstrates just one of the many PSYCH-K® processes. Watch this for a better understanding of the process.

PSYCH-K® allowed me to unwind the various blockages I had toward the situation.  I feel more peaceful and calm with it and am grateful to Maxine for helping me past this blockage! What a wonderful gift she gives to her clients.

-- Jaime E., Denton, TX

What does PSYCH-K® help with?

Change subconscious beliefs, simply and easily, allowing you to...

  • jumpstart your health and wellbeing goals
  • find peace with stressful situations 
  • Experience abundance in every aspect of life
  • Reduce stress and anxious feelings
  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Develop relationships you desire and desire
  • Increase your sense of emotional well-being
  • improve performance
  • Re-perceive fears traumas and phobias to feel at peace
  • Eliminate undermining habits
  • Accelerate spiritual development
  • manifest your desires
  • wake up looking forward to each day
  • have confidence in your choices
  • Actualize the amazing healing power of the mind

and much much more!

What is a PSYCH-K® Session?

In a PSYCH-K® session, we work on the goals most important to you.  

With muscle testing we ensure that your system is in agreement with balancing for a particular goal or situation, and which balance is best for you.  You are always in control.

Ready to get started? Click for pricing and to schedule an appointment.  

What are PSYCH-K® Balances?

A PSYCH-K® Balance is a technique designed to create balance between both hemispheres of the brain. This whole-brain state is ideal for installing new positive beliefs, reducing unwanted stress and helping you to access your full potential in meeting life’s challenges. In short, balances are protocols that help you achieve a desired state, outcome or goal.

In a PSYCH-K® session, we use muscle testing to determine the system's preferred balance and specific balances are available upon request.  

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Specific Balances offered upon Request

Core Belief

This balance offers an efficient way to discover and change core beliefs that nay be blocking you from achieving your desired goals in life.


This process is designed to deepen the understanding between two people by identifying and transforming the issues that challenge them.  It can also be used to deepen understanding with any relationship, such as food, money, etc.

​Optimal Health and Wellbeing

This balance offers an efficient way to discover and change subconscious beliefs that may be blocking achievement of optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

Life Bonding

The trauma of birth and the fear of death are powerful aspects of our human existence. This balance uses the breath as a means of transforming any limiting impact of these influences in our lives. 


Improves communication by providing conscious knowledge and subconscious alignment with all ways of representing reality (seeing, hearing, feeling); relieves stress related to communicating with non preferred modalities.

Transform Perception of Trauma

Transforms the perception of traumatic experiences that may be linked to a physical or emotional condition, past, present or future.

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Disclaimer - The PSYCH-K® Process is a cooperative partnership between the client and the facilitator to create belief modification.  The PSYCH-K® Process  is not designed or intended to replace professional medical or psychological care and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment of any condition.

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