Pricing and Booking

Individual Session Prices

PSYCH-K:         $90/hour

Flowtrition:      $45 for a standard session and 

                        $67.50 includes a consultation

Hypnosis:         Free Consultation

                         I invite you to book a free consultation and we'll see what is right for you.  

                        Other hypnosis sessions are available to schedule by phone, text or email only.

Package Prices

Steep discounts are given for multiple session packages. Why? Because when you make a commitment to self-empowerment, everyone benefits. You, your family, your community, and ultimately, all humans. And I'm dedicated to that. So check out the store and find the package that's right for you!

Ready.... Set ......  Book!

To Book Your Session, follow the prompts below - it's so easy!! and if there's any technical difficulty, I'm just a phone call away. Looking forward to our great work together.