Services:  General Information

Client sessions are professional, confidential and facilitated in a safe and comfortable office setting.   

  • Location:  Conveniently located at I-35 and Teasley in Denton. 
  • Flowtrition may be standalone sessions or add-ons to Hypnotherapy, or other coaching sessions.  Comfortable clothing is recommended.
  • Hypnosis services may include any combination of Hypnosis and Coaching techniques including Positive Suggestions, Parts Work, Childhood Regression, Past Life Regression, Breath Work, Meditation, Truth Talk, Core Transformation, Metaphors of Movement, Energy Play, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
  • PSYCH-K sessions typically include only PSYCH-K unless specifically requested.

Services, Sessions and Lessons

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With the amazing results I've seen and experienced through Flowtrition with mind, emotion, body and spirit, I'm passionate about connecting with you and allowing change to happen.


Individual Hypnosis sessions are a powerful way to create the results you desire because they allow us to focus exclusively on your needs, goals and desires.  


Derived from contemporary neuroscience research, PSYCH-K® is a surprisingly simple yet powerful way to create expanded potential in every area of your life.