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Inner Life Care... 

for Outer Life Results

Maxine Lindauer, CTHt

Certified Flowtrition Practitioner

Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

The Foundation

The Foundation of Lighthouse Hypnosis and Flowtrition of Denton is a simple truth that our mind-body system has the power and intelligence to self-heal,  and that we, as human beings, are empowered co-creators of our life experience.  Layered onto that are a set of processes and practices THAT WORK.  The modalities have been consciously selected through intuitive guidance, study and self-experimentation to address transformation in the Whole Person:  Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit and Life Force Energy.  This is the coming together of ancient wisdom and modern science to create life changing models that are effective and pleasurable.  How do I know?  I witness it everyday and have for over 20 years;  The experience of seeming miracles in my own life and others resulting from care given to our inner life; allowing for transformation into full forgiveness...  and the reality of how astoundingly simple belief changes can create lives that reflect who we truly are and what we desire to experience and achieve...  it is possible?  Yes it is!! Call me and let's connect.

                                                                                                                            -- Maxine Lindauer, CTHt


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After the amazing results I've witnessed with Flowtrition, through connecting with a gentle touch, I'm passionate about connecting with you and allowing change to happen.

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Derived from contemporary neuroscience research, I love how PSYCH-K® is so surprisingly simple yet a powerful way to create expanded potential in every area of your life. 

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